Bral Niedert Institutional Services

Bral Niedert works with organizations and their investment committees to implement a wide variety of institutional investment portfolios including endowment funds, ESOP repurchase sinking funds, self-insurance pools, and mutual insurance association surplus portfolios.

This arrangement is tailored to the needs of the client. Fees may apply depending on services and arrangements. Services will be determined between the client and financial professional based on the clients specific needs. The services we offer include:

The Bral Niedert
Institutional Services Process

Institutional Needs Analysis

First, we gather information to develop a thorough understanding of your organization’s objectives, values, future financial resources, and ongoing cash flow requirements. Only after we fully understand these factors do we move on to developing an investment strategy.

Investment Policy Statement Development and Review

We help guide a review of your investment policy statement at the inception of our relationship and at least annually thereafter to help ensure it is up to date and reflects your organization’s investment goals and constraints.

Portfolio Construction

We assist your investment committee in selecting a mix of assets designed to offer a well-constructed path towards achieving your organization’s long-term objectives while mitigating risk. Our philosophy emphasizes transparency, liquidity, and minimizing costs in choosing investments so as much of your portfolio returns as possible go to supporting your organization’s mission and goals.

Ongoing Review

We meet with your investment committee 2-4 times per year to review your organizations investment portfolio. A typical agenda may include the following components:

  • Economic and Capital Markets Overview
  • Portfolio Review (Investment Results and Asset Allocation)
  • Investment Policy Statement Review (typically once per year)
  • Other topics/education as needed or requested

Other Services

Asset Allocation

Help determine appropriate mix of assets based on your organization’s goals, objectives, and investment policy statement.

Donor Development

Assist non-profit organizations in educating donors and facilitating gifts of appreciated securities.

ESG Investment Strategies

Help to align your organization’s investment strategy with your values and purpose.

Fee Benchmarking

Identify and quantify all investment expenses and how they compare to similar portfolios.

Matt Bral, Tony Niedert, and Conor Boffeli work with Fi360 to evaluate fees and provide performance reporting and monitoring. The tools and services provided by Fi360 are not endorsed by Principal.

Investment Committee Support

Education regarding financial markets and organizational best practices.

Investment and Spending Policy Review

Review policies governing your organization’s investment program and portfolio distribution policies.

Performance Reporting & Monitoring

Custom reports to help you evaluate portfolio returns and risk relative to market indexes and peer groups.
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